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Business Writing Coach: Guiding experts on their writing journey — “Chaos is a feature, not a bug”


Systemise to use creative energy more efficiently!

David: “Create constraints where you can be creative within them.”

“Creative work is random, you kind of don’t know when you’re going to have a great idea or a great insight, you can’t force it.”

David Kadavy,

David set out to understand the subtle differences for when he was creative so he could make the connection between the actions he was taking and the output that he was making.

“I started to dig into the neuroscience of creativity. What does it mean to have a creative insight? What are the conditions that are ideal for that?”

David Kadavy…


Are you majoring in the right type of knowledge?

Michael: “Are you applying only 1% of the 80/20 rule?”

“Four steps for learning how to learn: 1. take in information and data, 2. algorithm and processing, 3. experimentation and action, 4. feedback.”

Michael Simmons,

Find out how Michael uses his “double time”, what the “learning loop” is all about, what FUNRUC means, and how to get faster through experimentation.

“No great author ever said that the key to being a great novelist is typing faster.”

Michael Simmons,

Michael Simmons is a Writer and a writing teacher whose writing has been read tens of millions of times…


What to do when you lose it all?

Callum: “From an investor’s standpoint, you’ve got half the world’s economy locked up in small businesses like us”

“And you smack your head against the wall until something breaks. And hopefully, it’s not my head.”

Callum Laing,

With my business partner, Jeremy, we had come up with an idea to solve a problem for small business…

Find out about their ambitious idea — Agglomerate — to help small businesses group together to create a publicly listed company.

“The thing with creative ideas is they’re always brilliant when you first have them, and then you have to test them…


Are you in the 1%?

Dr Dawson Church: “The difference between the person who has an aspiration and an intention and the one who actually manifests their intention is mental and brain coherence.”

“When we meditate and we get into flow state and then come back to the real world to do things we are five times more productive and five times more able to solve complicated problems, we are happier, we are blissful, in ecstatic surrendered bliss.”

Dr Dawson Church,

Find out how to do Dawson’s eco-meditation and get yourself into surrendered bliss..

Dawson meditated for two hours every morning from 4am…


Are you suffering from clarity blindness?

Ann Latham: “You need a well-defined process to get to a good decision… and to avoid bad decisions, really slow decision making and second guessing decisions.”

“When writing my book outline I was constantly re-framing and re-adjusting the process, which is an important thing to do for anything that’s not a standard repeatable process”

Ann Latham,

Find out why Ann rides a unicycle… while carrying a canoe — and why it’s important to you

Clarity questions: Where am I now? What have I accomplished? What do I need to do next?

“The Power of Clarity does for knowledge…

I am a reformed engineer.

You may not know this, but I trained as an electronics engineer, and “did a bit of engineering” a few (ahem!) years ago. The thing about engineering, or any technical discipline perhaps, is that you learn technical things that you want to apply to real life, and they never quite leave you.

I recently re-read The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox, and David Whitford, a novel about love, life and the theory of constraints! I highlighted this fab paragraph:

“First, make sure the bottlenecks’ time is not wasted,” he says. “How is the…


Conceptualization: There are many roads to Rome, what model or concept could I create?

Sari: “What helped me become successful was that I didn’t know it was impossible…”

“How do you decide what’s the right project, right now? I go where my heart lies, where my passion is. I start with a puzzle.”

Dr Sari van Poelje,

How Sari manages working on more than one book at once: It’s a combination of creativity and structure.

Learn how Sari, the precocious kid was giving riding lessons at 6, and started her business when she was 22.

“With external constraints I think the trick is not to fight them. …


Are you suffering from an identity constraint?

Rintu: “I went from not believing I was an author to realizing that the only thing stopping me was the physical tippety tappety of typing it all out…”

“It’s my responsibility to give people the stuff they need to do their jobs — for free”

Rintu Basu,

After writing and delivering the 10 week course he realised he had all the material for a book… but would people buy it?

Find out how Rintu accidentally wrote a bestseller

“Play to your strengths, I’m a creator, I create. Make the statement, even if you don’t believe it yet.”



Learn about the concept of Slow Down to Speed Up®

Liz Bywater: “There are a million ways I’ve been able to repurpose material from my book…”

“An essential part of getting the right things done includes taking care of yourself.”

Dr Liz Bywater,

Learn how you can use your book as the hub for many assets such as toolkits, PDFs, articles, slide decks, keynotes, workshops.

How you can create multiple Minimum Valuable Assets (tm).

“Once you’ve done that slowing down work, you are then poised to go fast”

Dr Liz Bywater,

Dr. Liz Bywater is a client leadership expert who works at the intersection of business and…


How & why to turn your book into a course

Martina: “Every time you test and get success you give your brain a little dopamine kick, you activate your reward cycle, that’s where motivation comes from.”

“You have to recognize when you’re ignorant, but you also have to be able to say, I want to learn, but also I need help…”

Dr Martina Muttke,

Martina saw that the information on the brain out there was either too complex, too scientific, too referenced, very dry and was usually missing the point. She could see a need for something that was more relevant, lighthearted, more entertaining and not esoteric.


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