Business Writing Coach: Guiding experts on their writing journey — “Chaos is a feature, not a bug”


I decided I would be Usain Bolt and realised, actually, I’m just learning to walk.

“One of the key challenges for all businesses is how to strategically grow your network, and in turn your business. You do it by making sure the right opportunities arise through meaningful relationships. That’s how you hack serendipity.”

Phil Ore,

He needed to manage constraints to get the…


Don’t sell books. Give them away to facilitate the SOLD process in your business.

Why you need some “how” and not just a lot of “why” in your book…

When you’re so close to the stuff you’re good at you forget “beginner’s mind”…

I started with the problem…

Find out what’s the biggest problem authors face… and it’s not writing the book



Are you majoring in the right type of knowledge?

Michael: “Are you applying only 1% of the 80/20 rule?”

“Four steps for learning how to learn: 1. take in information and data, 2. algorithm and processing, 3. experimentation and action, 4. feedback.”

Michael Simmons,

Find out how Michael uses his “double time”, what the “learning loop” is…

Debs Jenkins

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